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Bitpress Announces AdPress™ Automated Ad Break Placement Engine

April 13, 2023

Bitpress, a provider of intelligent cloud-based media processing automation solutions, announces the launch of AdPress™, automated and intelligent, it will find the ideal place to insert ad breaks into AVOD and FAST content and effectively resolves a monumental industry challenge.

Bitpress announces AdPress™, the industry’s first intelligent solution that automatically locates ideal ad break points in long and short form content. AdPress™ seamlessly integrates natural ad breaks into the story cadence, ensuring minimal disruption to the viewer's experience. With the rapid growth of AVOD and FAST channels, AdPress™ fills the need for a fast and efficient tool that identifies and stack-ranks potential ad breaks. 

Morgan Holly, Partner at Bitpress, said "Significant dedicated development, accompanied by the soothing hum of AVOD playing in the background, have led us to an exciting new product release: AdPress. Industry response has been incredible.” 

Utilizing a proprietary system of fourteen metrics and 200-600 measurements per break, AdPress™ automatically identifies and ranks the optimal ad break locations, streamlining the entire process. A user interface allows you to control ad frequency and timing and quickly preview the potential breaks. AdPress™ automatically chooses and selects the highest ranked breaks but also provides the option to preview and select different breaks. 












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