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40,000 Audio Conforms, 0 Rejections

July 9, 2021

Using AudioPress our customers have processed 40,000 fully automated audio conform jobs for studio feature and episodic content with no rejections.









How is this possible?

Bitpress has perfected our automated audio conform technology to mimic all of the decisions that your best audio engineers make. Our process carefully analyzes every audio file and conforms it to your supplied audio reference file (no video is required). Once the analysis is complete, AudioPress can also alter the frame rate, trim or add head and tail. After AudioPress performs quality assurance (QA) passes it automatically creates a perfectly aligned audio file and delivers it to your S3 location. 

Oh, and by the way, this entire process takes less than 20 minutes and AudioPress can handle hundreds of jobs simultaneously. We can do thousands of conforms per day. It also works with any language and any file format.

We would love to give you a demo or, better yet, a no-risk proof of concept trial.