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Making post-production processes easier (and faster) than you ever thought possible!

Bitpress exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.  Leveraging decades of experience working in post-production facilities, the innovative team at Bitpress has created smart automated solutions the likes of which you will not find anywhere else.  We create products that you never knew you needed, until you see them. Then, you’ll have to have them.

Recording studio audio computer editing


Rapid, intelligent and precise audio synchronization of

any standard, length or language

AudioPress™ leverages the massive scale of AWS to automatically synchronize alternate audio tracks to a guide track in a fraction of the time spent on manual processes. Unlike other solutions, AudioPress™ analyzes every audio sample to ensure audio files are matched to your guide track, not just at the head, but throughout the entire file. 

AudioPress™ is designed to make the same decisions an audio engineer makes when they are tasked with syncing audio files to a guide track.  AudioPress™ works with ALL languages, M&E, even descriptive audio tracks.  AudioPress™ allows you to sync hundreds or thousands of files at the same time.  With AudioPress™ you can finish large projects in days rather than months.


Automated normalization and

mastering for video libraries

VideoPress™ automatically analyzes and normalizes all of your video content to achieve the best possible quality and a known start state. VideoPress™ automatically determines when to apply 3/2 removal, intelligent deinterlacing, 4th frame repeat removal, header/footer removal, VBI removal, aspect ratio correction and more. VideoPress™ can also automatically insert or remove commercial blacks.

Based on interrogation of the actual video material, not unreliable file metadata, VideoPress™ makes the right choice every time to save you time and money with downstream processing and distribution.

Retro Television Set


Automated ideal ad break
locations & management

AdPress™ seamlessly integrates natural ad breaks into the story cadence, ensuring minimal disruption to the viewer's experience.

Utilizing a proprietary system of fourteen metrics and 200-600 measurements per break, AdPress™ automatically identifies and ranks the optimal ad break locations, streamlining the entire process.

The AdPress™ interface offers the flexibility to curate ad breaks manually or entrust the system to select the most effective placements. Exporting ad break times for various platforms is effortless with both UI and API options.


Automated master file analysis, 

creation, and augmentation

MasterPress™ uses temporal fingerprinting, spatial correlation and machine learning to automatically accomplish a variety of tasks for relational and single-source operations:  

  • Textless master creation

  • Picture-to-picture master creation

  • Main title and end sequence detection

  • MAM/DAM asset deduplication

  • Version delta reporting

  • Aspect ratio error detection

  • Rendition verification

  • Interstitial content and commercial black detection

Video Editing Timeline

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