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At Bitpress we solve critical issues facing our clients workflow needs. Our unique approach differentiates us from our competitors. Leveraging decades of experience working in post-production facilities, our team has created smart automated solutions.  We create products that you never knew you needed, until you see them. Then, you’ll have to have them.

Automated audio synchronization

AudioPress™ delivers audio synchronization for any standard, length, or language. Capable of completing tens of thousands of jobs per day by leveraging AWS’ vast scale, it conforms alternate audio tracks to a guide track exponentially faster than manual methods. Unlike other solutions, AudioPress analyzes every audio sample, ensuring alignment across the entire file, not just at the beginning.


Automated video analysis & normalization

VideoPress™ transforms video analysis and normalization, automating the path to optimal picture quality and digital distribution. Through advanced content event detection, precise audio normalization, and flexible output options, VideoPress ensures a consistent and high-quality output.


Locate optimal ad breaks with intelligent automation

AdPress™ transforms ad break management, finding the natural breaks in the story for an improved user experience. Leveraging a proprietary system of 16 metrics and 200-600 measurements per break, AdPress automatically identifies and ranks optimal ad break locations, streamlining the entire process.


Automate synchronizing subtitles and closed captions efficiently

SubPress™ delivers highly efficient subtitle and closed caption synchronization, seamlessly automating conform processes for any language. Precision handling of time shift and speed changes adapts to diverse media needs. The automation extends to complex conforms, sorted and staged for manual review by language services engineers.


Accelerate automated master file creation and reporting

MasterPress™ employs cutting-edge technologies like temporal fingerprinting, spatial correlation, and machine learning to automate master file creation and reporting. Supporting both relational and single-source operations, MasterPress transforms the entire process of master file analysis, creation, and augmentation.


Streamline your workflow with title-based order management, tracking & file delivery

Orca™, an advanced orchestration layer, efficiently manages complex jobs by seamlessly synchronizing workflows, offering a comprehensive overview for smooth operations. Orca provides end-to-end workflow management, coordination, project tracking and final delivery.

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