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Case Studies

Examples of our cutting edge tools that improve time to market and return on investment for our clients.

Automated Audio Sync with AudioPress

A Story of Success

25,000 audio files needed to be ingested into a digital asset management (DAM) system for immediate distribution.  As anyone with experience knows, adding assets into a DAM system without looking at them first is a recipe for disaster and will lead to continued problems down the road.  A quick calculation showed that it would take a team of 30+ audio engineers almost a year to review everything by hand in audio bays.  This solution was untenable from a cost and timing perspective.  A different solution was needed.

With AudioPress™ and the massive scale available in AWS, all 25,000 were analyzed quickly.  Approximately 75% of the files were analyzed, conformed to a reference file and exported by AudioPress™.  These could get ingested right into the DAM without any human touch.  The remaining 25% of the files needed more complex review by a smaller team of audio engineers to get them to conform to the guide track.

Overall, the result was a dramatic reduction in both cost and timing. By the end of the project, all 25,000 audio files were ingested into a DAM and immediately ready for distribution and monetization worldwide for a fraction of the cost of the manual process!

Recording studio audio computer editing

Automated File Mastering

An Innovative Solution

100,000 titles were needed to launch a new subscription streaming service.  Timing was critical.  The titles were coming from many providers and there was no uniformity of the content sources provided.  If we attempt to just transcode everything received, the transcoding software would rely on the embedded metadata to determine how to transcode it.  We knew from experience that this metadata cannot be relied on and is frequently inaccurate.  The only way to succeed required an innovative approach. 

With VideoPress™, it was possible to automatically create normalization mezzanine files for all 100,000 titles that not only auto-corrected all of the inaccurate metadata embedded in the files, but actually improved the quality of all of the files as well. 

The results speak for themselves.  Each of the 100,000 titles were mastered to achieve:

  • Best possible quality

  • Reduced timeline

  • Eliminated end-user streaming issues related to problematic master files

Powerful Computer

Automated Textless Master Creation

A Labor Intensive Workflow

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking creating masters automatically. Our client needed to create 1,000 textless masters very quickly to feed into a transcoding workflow for international distribution.  Manual efforts were simply not possible due to the time constraints.  We needed to come up with an innovative solution to save time and process large volumes of varied content quickly.

We setup MasterPress™ to fully analyze the source master, which was a full format texted master with textless at tail.  Using temporal fingerprinting, spatial correlation, and machine learning we configured MasterPress™ to automatically create a textless master from the source master file. 

Output files included a full format textless master with texted at tail, a textless master cut picture to picture with one second handles, and a CSV with timecodes of all of the texted events.

Image by Wahid Khene
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