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Who We Are

The Blueprint for Migrating Media Libraries to the Cloud

Bitpress has a singular mission: To revolutionize post production with automation tools that quickly and seamlessly transform content libraries into distribution-ready assets for any platform. Our automated workflows not only save significant time and money, but also elevate quality standards.

Harnessing the power of intelligent automation, machine learning, and massive cloud scale, our cutting-edge workflows enable rapid and efficient monetization of content.

Our clients use our tools to rapidly monetize their content by automating traditionally laborious processes. We understand the challenge and cost of manipulating media and have a history of innovation through automation for the largest and most respected post production and media companies in the world. We’ve authored many patents and engineered workflows for every major studio and the largest streaming service providers. 

Reach out to us today and find out how we can help you with your high volume post-production workflow!

Our Team

Where the Passion Begins


Morgan Holly

Morgan has a track record for award winning innovation on emerging platforms. He has held senior Engineering, Operations, and Creative Production roles with some of the largest and most progressive post production companies in the world and has several media patents under his belt.
Morgan has run multi-million dollar P&Ls, but his true love is automating stuff. His first automation project for The Criterion Collection in the mid-90’s involved a GVG 141 editing station, a power drill, a zip tie and a carriage bolt. It saved hundreds of hours in labor.


Russ Moffat

Russ is a tech enthusiast with a keen interest in interactive/streaming content and solving problems. He has decades of experience in post-production operations, technology, and sales roles at both large and small companies. Throughout his career, from his early days in post-production where he provided Quality Control and Authoring services for the first DVDs to be released in Europe, to his current position as a co-founder at Bitpress, Russ is passionate about collaborating with clients and utilizing technology to tackle challenges.
When Russ isn't busy trying to solve problems he can be found working on his car (still has the same one from high school), playing tennis, camping with the family, or watching episodes of his favorite TV shows.


Carrie Donmoyer

Carrie is a veteran of the Media and Entertainment industry with over 16 years of experience in customer service, post-production, and operations management. Driven by her commitment to excellence, Carrie takes pride in providing the best possible experience for all of her customers regardless of the obstacles. Carrie has experience incubating, managing, and growing business units for large post-production services companies in the greater Los Angeles area.


Julia Jones

Julia is an award winning designer and producer with years of experience in video production and interactive media. She has co-founded four successful startups where she has served in diverse roles including CFO and Creative Director. She thinks out of the box and finds novel ways of solving problems. She endeavors to create a collaborative environment around her which is fundamental to creating products and companies.


Steve Thompson

With over 30 years of experience in audio post production for film, television and advertising as well as audio/video media engineering and production technology, Steve brings extensive expertise in problem solving with a goal for quality across multiple disciplines. 
With a formal background in Electrical Engineering, Steve avoided the traditional industrial career paths and went to work for Dolby Laboratories and leveraged that experience to become Technical Director of a large audio post production facility, built, staffed and operated one of the early DVD Compression and Authoring facilities, and led the Content Engineering team at a large media servicing operation. 
When he's not juggling technology, Steve enjoys long walks in the woods, fuzzy little kittens and double rainbows. He's also an excellent cook.

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