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Blueprint for Migrating
Media Content

Efficient post-production workflows for migrating content libraries in record time using intelligent automation, machine learning, and massive scale in the cloud.

Our diverse suite of automated post production tools organized by an orchestration layer integrate seamlessly with vendors and cloud libraries for flawless ingestion of files. This dynamic system analyzes existing content, aligns video and audio components, and synchronizes multiple audio and subtitle tracks. We go a step further by executing necessary content edits and ensuring top-tier quality.

Our solutions integrate with a variety of existing tools and technologies and automate many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks involved in creating cloud libraries ready for distribution. Our suite of tools meets the needs of all kinds and sizes of content libraries. We have worked with large and small studios and post production studios.

Audio feed
Retro Television Set

Rapid, intelligent automated audio synchronization of any standard, length or language.

Do you have a large quantity of alternate audio languages that need to be synced to the original language for distribution and monetization?

If yes, then give AudioPress™ a try.  AudioPress is proven in the industry and can automatically process tens of thousands of files a day.

Automated and intelligent video normalization and mastering for video libraries of any size.

Do you have hundreds or thousands of video masters that all need to be optimized for distribution with the best possible quality?
Or, would like content events like bars & tone, slates, 2 pop, program start, & program end automatically logged for you with flawless precision?

If yes, then VideoPress™ won't steer you wrong and will be worth its weight in gold.

Automated ideal ad break locations and management.

Do you find it frustrating when advertisements interrupt important dialogues or scenes when you are watching tv? What if there was an automated way to identify all the establishing shots, so advertisements could be placed more seamlessly?

There is now!  AdPress™ seamlessly integrates natural ad breaks into the story cadence, ensuring minimal disruption to the viewer's experience. 

Automated and intelligent master file analysis, augmentation, and creation.

Do you need large quantities of textless masters created from texted elements or have a digital asset management system that is bloated with duplicates?

If yes, then MasterPress™ might just be your new best friend. 

“Bitpress provides us the ability to quickly scale up when deadlines tighten and throughput increases.”
 —Steve Spear

“I can’t stop thinking about BITPRESS and how the speed of your service is attracting major attention. I am a huge supporter of emerging technologies and have a lot of experience with large volume deliveries. In both these areas, BITPRESS is a game-changer!” 

—Dennis Principe


“Working with the BITPRESS team is one of the easiest parts of my job. They reply quickly and with meaningful information or serviceable action and they have added functionality to make our workflows faster and more efficient. I wish all the software we worked with was as easy to use, as well supported and as efficient as AudioPress. It saves us hours of time every day.”
 —John Waltzer

Bitpress suite of tools are normalizing and migrating studio catalog of 18,000 titles.

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Our clients are our favorite people and the only reason Bitpress even exists.  If you've seen something here that piques your curiosity, we'd love to hear from you! 

Contact us to ask questions, arrange a demo, give us suggestions, just say hi, or find out more about how our products can be of service to you.

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