With intelligent automation, machine learning, and massive scale in the cloud, Bitpress enables extremely efficient post-production workflows that mimic the decisions your best operators make.


Making post-production processes easier (and faster) than you ever thought possible!

Our products are unlike any other because they are designed to perform and make the same decisions that operators in facilities make.  The Bitpress team has spent decades in post-production facilities and has intimate knowledge of the challenges they face.  Every Bitpress solution starts from deep knowledge of being in a post facility, then designing the ultimate solution that we ourselves wanted.  Our developers also start first from a deep understanding of media workflows, then apply the coding and logic on top of that.

Audio feed
Editing & Post Production


Rapid, intelligent and precise automated audio synchronization of any standard, length or language

Do you have a ton of audio languages that need to be synced to the original language for international distribution?
If yes, then give AudioPress™ a try.  You won't be disappointed.


Automated and intelligent video normalization and mastering for video libraries of any size

Do you have hundreds or thousands of video masters that all need to be optimized for distribution with the best possible quality?
If yes, then VideoPress™ won't steer you wrong and will be worth its weight in gold.


Automated and intelligent master file analysis, augmentation, and creation

Do you need large quantities of textless masters created from texted elements or have a digital asset management system that is bloated with duplicates?
If yes, then MasterPress™ might just be your new best friend.  

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