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Supercharge your media workflows today!
Catalyst professional services ensure your workflows are always running at

peak performance whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Workflow Design

Bitpress has built some of the most innovative and efficient high volume media workflows for large media customers.  We specialize in finding operational efficiencies where others cannot.

Media Engineering

Put Bitpress' extensive media engineering experience to work for you to ensure best quality, efficiency and cost for all of your workflows.

On Demand Automation

Need a specific workflow automated as soon as possible in order to meet a looming deadline or launch date?  That is what we do best!

Production Management

"It needs to get done ASAP, but I don't have the time to manage yet another project myself!"
Catalyst provides production management services on demand for your growing needs.

Cloud Strategy

Organizations with a cloud strategy are in a better position to achieve better outcomes from cloud computing than those without one. Let us help you with your cloud strategy.

Profitability Analysis

Not sure whether or not a new project or initiative is worth pursuing?  Let us help model it for you first to see what makes the most sense.

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